Triceps Tendon Rupture Surgery

A shoulder tendon rupture occurs when the tendon connecting the arm bone to the waist tears. Patients experiencing this rare but significant illness frequently experience pain and also an inability to straighten the elbow. While partial tears of the thoracic can frequently be treated non-surgically, patients afflicted by some whole tendon rupture will more than likely involve surgery to fix the tendon and resume normal shoulder functioning. A certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Vinay specializes in sports medicine procedures like surgery to correct a knee tendon rupture.

The Process

You’re going to be under anesthesia throughout triceps tendon rupture surgery and must not undergo any pain. During the procedure, Dr. Vinay will generate an incision at the backside of this elbow. Dr. Vinay will then sew the fascia to correct the rupture and fasten it to the elbow, then using anchor sutures or tunnels drilled to bone. In order to find the tendon to heal precisely, Dr. Vinay need to take action to immobilize the elbow.

Recovery After operation

Once Pilates tendon rupture surgery, you will need to preserve the barbell trapped for several weeks. Regrettably, coping with this illness can take quite a long time. Talk to Dr. Vinay about when you can safely restart athletics and other tasks after triceps tendon rupture surgery. In general, most patients undergo complete healing after several weeks.

Contact Dr. Vinay

For triceps tendon ruptures, surgery may be the ideal way to repair the tendon and allow patients recover the broad range of flexibility in the arm. If you think you might be experiencing the ruptured triceps tendon, do not hesitate to schedule a session with Dr. Vinay by calling 98260 30049 to day

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