Knee Fracture Repair

A person having a knee break has broken a few of the bones which compose the knee joint: the thighbone (Femur), the knee cap (Patella), along the shin bone (Tibia). This happens when the bone cannot resist outside forces, usually as a result of trauma or disease. Fractures can include a little crack in the bone to a complete separation. While a lot of people with knee fractures recover completely, some fractures result in poor muscle strength and disability.

Dr. Vinay will thoroughly inspect the size of your knee break and also recommend that the best treatment intend to repair your knee and return to your everyday tasks and favorite athletic tasks whenever possible.

How Do You Know I’ve a Knee Fracture?

Knee fractures could occur from direct or indirect forces to the knee. A fall, auto collision, sports injury, or any direct blow to the knee often causes a fracture. Indicators of a knee fracture include severe knee pain, swelling, knee deformity, decreased range of motion, and also an inability to stand or move to the knee.

Knee Fracture Repair

Treatment for a knee fracture is on the basis of the severity of the fracture and the bone involved. Finally, tibia fractures are highly variable and need individual assessment prior to creating a treatment program.

For severe knee fractures, surgery will become necessary to realign the knee. The particular strategy is decided by the classification of this fracture along with the level of displacement, which can be displaced or un-displaced.

— All of homeless fractures are treated surgically, usually by means of plates, screws, and nails.

— All of un-displaced knee fractures can be treated with a groin to toe plaster throw. Depending upon the age and general state of the individual, the cast is going to be implemented for an interval of 6 to 12 weeks.

Usually, non-surgical treatment includes rest, elevation, cold compresses, and the application form of a knee splint or leg cast. Other measures consist of narcotic pain anti inflammatory or medications for painkillers.

Dr. Vinay is a highly experienced orthopedic surgeon in central India, Indore. He’s been very successful in helping patients recover from an assortment of knee fractures. If you are a first-time patient or desire another opinion, Dr. Vinay will care for you. Just call 98260 30049 to schedule an appointment.

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