Corrective Osteotomy

An osteotomy is surgical It is used to fix axial and torsion deformities and length discrepancies in the lower limbs. Osteotomies are also performed in the upper limbs, spine, and pelvis, but less often than at the legs. By corrective osteotomies of bones in the leg, we decide to try to achieve a balanced supply of weight at a healthier weight-bearing joint or shift the strain from those pieces of a joint which can be damaged. Corrective osteotomies are most frequently performed to improve the supply of forces around the knee when merely a single side of the joint is damaged (unicompartmental arthritis). Contraindications for the procedure are osteoarthritis of the whole joint or its major role, looseness of its joints, or inflammatory joint disorder.

A corrective osteotomy involves Dividing a bone (using a saw, drill or chisel) at a controlled manner in accordance with a pre-operative plan, and then adjusting it in a better position. When an osteotomy is performed as the adjacent joints are still healthy, the use of such joints is forecast to stay normal for the rest of the individual’s lifetime. If the procedure is done to alter off the weight part of a joint that’s already damaged, then it can postpone the onset of clinical signs of atherosclerosis as well as the demand for additional operation by 10 to 15 years, provided the right signs are detected.

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